Born To Rust

from by Anchors



Born To Rust

What the fuck are you waiting for? Wake up!
It’s so crushing after all this time you’re just born to rust.

Cut the wire, come alive, they smell the fear that’s in your eyes. The hell of
comfort, the bite of shame, I’ve come back from the same.
But you snorted the ash and smoked the dust, you did a shit hot job of fucking it up. To just adjust is just enough- born to rust.

Did you trust that the days would hold the tide for you if you stayed? Trace a line along the meridian and wait. Until the sky above turns grey, but to the sky it’s all the same. Burn out or fade away in the heat just killing time and praying for the rain.

Born to rust, back from hell and colder than the devil. We were never fucking born to rust. An all-consuming fear of change the cycle bites the same.

So take what you’ve learned and turn it into something worth screaming, worth missing, worth killing, worth dying for. Rage at the night to spit and to fight. Just a walking wreck in a toneless coma, don’t let it end like that.

A stagnant mind corrodes in place; you dug your rut, slept in the crush. Back from hell still cold as fuck I’ll melt before I rot because I was not born to rust.


from ANCHORS, track releases January 1, 2033



all rights reserved


Anchors Melbourne, Australia

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